A retired, experienced Town Planner and Project Manager lodged this objection to the development application (full objection)


This proposal is wrong in every conceivable way. It is wrong in that it is being mis-represented. In effect it is a proposal to develop a commercial adventure park in Mount Coot-tha Forest Park, a designated public park which is a rare and valuable broadacre recreational resource in a city with a fast-growing population.

Having undertaken the attendance and revenue projections for World Expo 88 and numerous other government-initiated tourism attractions in Queensland as well as market demand estimates for the prospectuses of a number of tourism IPOs, it is my opinion that the board of directors of a public corporation would not approve a project based on the flimsy information and analysis contained in the development application for this project, and neither should the Brisbane City Council.

The application should be refused.


Dr. Richard Bramley



[i]               Bramley, R. A. C. (2003). Why Government-Initiated and Funded Tourism Enterprises Fail: A critical evaluation of the roles of government in the development of visitor attractions in Queensland, Australia (PhD dissertation). School of Tourism and Hospitality Management. Lismore, Southern Cross University

[ii]               Bramley, R. (2000) Cultural tourism; Will it work for you? The use of cultural resources as a catalyst for regional tourism development. Brisbane, CRC Tourism

An objection from a Traffic Engineer who is also a cyclist.


I was surprised (and very disappointed) with the serious oversights in the traffic impact statement. While there appears to be a degree of rigour in the consultant’s effort to estimate the likely additional traffic demand, a survey of existing use of Sir Samuel Griffith Drive and other connecting roads has not been undertaken (full article).

Intersection for proposed Arrival Centre with tour buses & increased vehicle movements. "Forward vision of this intersection is minimal" Image: Alan Lee, Environmental Scientist (Environmental Overview)

Cyclists and traffic on Sir Samuel Griffith Drive Mt Coot-tha Images: Alan Lee, Environmental Scientist (Environmental Overview)

BCC artist's impression of Skywalk Suspension Bridge Mt Coot-tha Forest. No structures visibile to anchor the bridge.

Raiffeisen Skywalk 374 m suspension bridge structure in Sattel Hochstuckli. DA documents indicate Swissrope will design the proposed Mt Coot-tha suspension bridge.

Mark Hipgrave, is an experienced industrial engineer who lodged an objection submission to the DA and also wrote to Ministers and the Lord Mayor with his concerns. Additionally Mark wrote an article regarding the ziplines and suspension bridge proposals published in Independent Australia.


"The DA documents address the environmental impacts of the operation of the Zipline, Skywalk and Treetop Canopy Tour.


However, there is no discussion of the environmental impacts that might occur during the construction phase of the project, in particular those relating to the construction of the Skywalk suspension bridge which is to be built entirely within the forest area of the Mt Coot-tha Forest Park

Nevertheless, the foundations will need to support the four 45mm dia steel cables that will support the bridge. The relatively flat catenary bridge profile and 400-person design loading will result in significant rope tensions which will in turn require large and long rock anchors to be drilled into the mountain. It is likely that the Mt Coot-tha bedrock is not as strong as that in the Swiss mountains, so the ground anchors may need to be more substantial than those installed for the Sattel Hochstuckli Skywalk or shown on the indicative drawings.


Unfortunately, there are no Australian or international standards relating to the construction or operation of ziplines, and perhaps this is the reason why zipline operations seem to cause many injuries to participants, as indicated in the following websites."

(full article).

Sattel Hochstuckli 2019 suspension bridge views

Comprehensive submission on the Powerful Owl for interest 

Submission - Powerful Owl

Experienced veterinary surgeon, Esther Horton describes the potential impacts on the Powerful Owl families in Mt Coot-tha Forest.

"The Skywalk is proposed to go very close to where the fledglings are raised for several months each year. Any lighting, however minimal they claim it to be, human visitation, human noise and disturbance will permanently and adversely alter the entire ecosystem around JC Slaughter Falls.

The Skywalk is proposed to be open until 10 pm at night. This will result in a
change of habitat, plant growth, insect activity, wildlife, birds, prey items for the PO and the PO and their behaviour directly. The ziplines and Skywalk will have extensive overhead lines with the potential for bird/wildlife strike. PO have been known to use this area for at least 30 years and probably even longer and it is one of the most successful breeding sites in all of SE Qld and indeed probably Australia."

Mt Coot-tha Protection Alliance Inc