Quarry Update - 3.3.2020

Hi there,

Recently I sent you the MCPA proposal for closure of the Mt Coot-tha quarry by 2025 and rehabilitation. The proposal is very reasonable in timeframe and scope. Important points in the (well researched) proposal are:

·         that closure by 2025 has been in the city plan for years now, as recently as 2014,

·        that if planning and preliminary rehabilitation works happen while the quarry is still operating then big bucks can be saved,

·         that the quarry makes little profit and alternative supplies are available now,

·         that experience overseas indicates a rehabilitated quarry would be a great boost for Brisbane’s economy.



MCPA sent the proposal to candidates for Lord Mayor and the four council Wards surrounding Mt Coot-tha; The Gap, Paddington, Walter Taylor and Pullenvale. Responses have been received from some candidates (within 3 weeks) and will be posted shortly on the MCPA website (www.protectmountcoot-tha.org). Briefly;

  • Labor: LM candidate (Condren) promised to look at options for the quarry, but gave no commitment to any action.

  • Paddington candidate (Eelkema) endorsed the principles (for closure and rehabilitation) but not the timeframe.

  • LNP: LM candidate (Schrinner) has said previously (09/10/19) that council has no plans to close the quarry. Paddington and Pullenvale Ward candidates reaffirmed this statement.

  • The Greens: LM candidate (Angus) and those for the four Wards (Haley, Burns, Sargent, Druckman) endorsed the principles and the timeframe.

  • Independent: Walter- Taylor candidate (Antoniolli) endorsed the principles and the timeframe.



  • ‘Like’ all posts on the MCPA facebook page and ‘share’ as well.

  • Look up your local candidates' facebook pages and comment on their posts, asking them to support the MCPA proposal for closure and rehabilitation of the quarry, with closure by 2025.

The MCPA quarry proposal is a really positive initiative for your local area and Brisbane. Voting for a candidate who if elected will represent your views about the future of the quarry is a positive step.  Who knows what the makeup of the next council will be, but if there are councillors fighting for the transformation of the quarry then it is more likely to happen.

Best regards,



Peter Hale, PhD

President, Mt Coot-tha Protection Alliance Inc.


Mt Coot-tha Protection Alliance Inc