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Stop Mt Coot-tha Privatisation!

Brisbane City Council wants to lease parts of Mt Coot-tha Forest and the Botanic Gardens for a private adventure tourism megaziplines complex covering an area of almost 16 hectares (area of Roma Street Parklands). This has been a public park for almost 150 years and celebrated as the iconic backdrop of Brisbane. It is Brisbane's point of difference from other Australian capital cities, a wilderness area so close to the CBD.

What are you willing to give up? The uninterrupted views; the peaceful surroundings; the natural bush tracks; observing wildlife in their natural habitat; the accessibility; the tranquility of the Gardens' Melaleuca Lake area; the sparse traffic on an early morning or evening cycle; observing starry nights and the fireworks displays or the unscarred view to and from the mountain?

This is not ecotourism with Six parallel cables 1.44 km from in front of The Summit viewing area down into the Botanic Gardens. Travelling at a speed of 60 kph for a 1-2 minute ride ($100/A) and to operate until 10pm, 7 days a week; A multistage zipline (est. $20 - $100/A) 1.5 km in Powerful Owl & koala habitat, clearly visible and crossing the Summit Track. Plus a suspension bridge ($20/A) 349m long but not wide enough for families or wheelchair access, impacting on the popular JC Slaughter Falls tracks and picnic areas. Lighting, noise and activity on the bridge until 10 pm every night in a normally quite area will negatively impact on wildlife habitat.

The development application in the acoustic report states, patrons will be told not to yell or laugh to mitigate the noise!

Traditional owners say they have not been consulted on these proposed major impacts on this First Nations cultural heritage site.

When costs are subtracted from the quoted economic benefits ($232 m) and the dubious assumptions adjusted, Net benefits could be under $40 m over 30 years.


Additionally Council has a perceived conflict of interests with the fact that they are assessing their own development application on behalf of a private developer on land where they are the Trustees. It is State Freehold Land (DNRME).

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