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February 3, 2019 5:37pm

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THE zipline at Mt Coot-tha (C-M, Feb 2) has been approved by Brisbane City Council, tossing aside the protests of 90 per cent of 3600 submissions against destroying the area.

This echoes the decision by the Newman state government to “call in” the Jewel Project – now a huge monstrosity on the Surfers Paradise beachfront – dwarfing all around it. Locals nicknamed it “Darth Vader”.

So often we hear excuses for supposed progress citing tourism dollars – what about environment dollars? By destroying the beauty of pristine areas, we are also destroying the main reasons for people to visit us.

Carol Pearce, Surfers Paradise

IN A welcome move the Brisbane City Council has announced that it has approved the development application for the Mt Coot-tha zipline. Of course, the usual crowd of environmentalists are up in arms.

The project will involve minimal clearing and trimming of trees and will provide a low-impact, environmentally sensitive, world-class eco-tourism experience and, according to the council, will promote the ecological and cultural values of the site.

The zipline is expected to attract about 350,000 visitors each year and generate more than 100 new jobs.

Bob Meadows, Mansfield

THE report on Brisbane City Council’s approval for the Mt Coot-tha zipline failed to mention that the State Government has yet to rule on the project.

The council pretends the project is a “done deal” – far from it. I hope Minister Anthony Lynham will refuse this privatisation of public land that has been expressly designated as “a public park and for no other use whatsoever”.

John Griffiths, Pullenvale

Maiwar Rally in King George Square Tuesday February 5, 2019

IGNORING submissions opposing the zipline project is a display of total arrogance by the council.

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk states that it would attract about 350,000 visitors each year. Just what sort of visitors does he envisage using the zipline? I bet they will not be the type who appreciate nature in serene surroundings.

A skyrail similar to the one at Kuranda would be a more preferable option surely.

Put this on hold and let the electorate decide at the upcoming 2020 election and not ramrod this through against the wishes of the majority.

Mike Flanigan, Toowoomba


QUITE apart from heritage and environmental considerations, which were the subject of the great majority of objections, Brisbane City Council’s approval of the Mt Coot-tha zipline raises serious issues of transparency and a lack of financial details about the viability of the project.

Has the assessment of this application been the subject of an independent probity audit? If so, it should be made public so that ratepayers know the rationale whereby it is legitimate for the council, as the owner of land that has been dedicated as a reserve for a public park, to submit an application to its own planning department for a development that will benefit a private operator. If not, an independent audit of the approval process should be undertaken.

Where is the business case for the zipline? Not in the development application which only contains a community cost benefit analysis and an optimistic economic impact statement with no operating projections to underpin it.

Richard Bramley, Taringa

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December 15 & 16, 2018

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