Why isn't Mt Coot-tha protected from Developers?

Koala habitat is important to Brisbane City Council they are purchasing land through the Bushland Acquisition Program and assisting residents to protect and restore koala habitat through the Wildlife Conservation Partnerships Program. Therefore, why would they encourage a private developer to construct extensive infrastructure close to a known koala habitat? The Department of Environment and Science lists koala's ranging habits as 1 km to 135 km. Additionally, the BCC bushland acquisition program land according to the Lord Mayor is "...off limits to developers." 

Deborah Tabart of the Australian Koala Foundation stated that according to research within a 2 klm radius of a major distrubance such as construction, you automatically get extinction of koalas.

Michael Beattie of the RSPCA said that 4 years ago Wacol RSPCA, which covers the greater Brisbane area, was dealing with about 8,500 injured native animals and now the figure is 23,000, with more than half of those rescued animals subsequently dying from injuries or stress. ABC Radio 'Focus' with Emma Griffiths 28.8.18

Koala sightings- Honeyeater Track close to Sir Samuel Griffith Drive, Mt Coot-tha 24 June and 23 July 2018 by Debra Shimada (Photo)

BCC has contracted to upgrade the surface of the Summit track with a mixture of asphalt, cement & soil.  8.8.18

Photo - Qld Govt Dept. of Environment & Heritage Protection

Koala on the path leading down to The Gap Creek Reserve from Highwood Road.

Koala sighting Sept 2018 near the Honeyeater Track, Mt Coot-tha. Evidence states Qld koalas have a ranging habit of 1 to 135 klms.

Letters to the Minister for Environment 26 June, 2018 regarding recent sightings of koalas on Mt Coot-tha.

News articles about the proposed development at Pullenvale Reserve "...classified as a habitat for koalas" and Koala Facts.

Photo - Australian Koala Foundation

Mt Coot-tha Protection Alliance Inc