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Email  Dr A. Lynham DNRME

Email Premier Annastasia Palaszczuk


Email MP Jacki Trad

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Email MP Leeanne Enoch DES

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The development would consist of:

  • A huge zipline complex of six parallel lines running from the Heritage Lookout into the Botanic Gardens;

  • Another long zipline seen and heard from the Heritage Summit Track;

  • A 335 m suspension bridge spanning the Slaughter Falls picnic area;

  • Numerous launch & landing stages, food outlets, facilities and parking;

  • And a cost of at lease $100 per ride for Scenic Zipline (Megazip).

See Environmental Overview report for a detailed analysis of the development issues written by an environmental scientist, in the unique position  of having researched an alternative proposal.

Stop the Zipline: Save Mt Coot-tha group generated just over 2,000 petition signatures!

This community group believes that this proposal is typical of the many developments approved by this Council that are inappropriate and ignore environmental value, planning regulations and resident’s rights. They believe that BCC must be held accountable and a strong response to our petition will demonstrate that residents have had enough of a Council that puts profits before residents and the environment.

The people of Brisbane oppose the destruction of key green and heritage spaces. Brisbane City Council is called on not to proceed with their Mega Zipline proposal for the Mount Coot-tha Reserve, because of its impacts on local green space, surrounding communities and the iconic heritage values of Mount Coot-tha.

Photo: Mike Robertson - Mt Coot-tha, Feb 2018 rainfall 

Ziplines proposal fails the test but now has approval by State Government to proceed with their development application process.

BCC is claiming the ziplines would have minimal impact on the environment, amenity and local community but the State Government’s referral process initally found that:

  • BCC has failed to identify all vegetation clearing and the extent of tree pruning needed.

  • There is apparent disruption to the views from the Mount Coot-tha Lookout and Kiosk.

  • There are many road safety issues concerning pedestrian movements, driver distraction, bus parking and taxi/drop-off arrangements.

  • BCC is promoting their proposed development as an ‘ecotourism experience’, which it is not. Ecotourism is intended to observe nature closely and support conservation efforts. Seven ziplines and a bridge will not do this.

The Negative Impacts

  • At least 28 hectares of old-growth forest may have to be cleared according to State Government (high fire hazard area).

  • Ziplines will operate 7 days a week from 7am until 10pm with lights and noise disturbing local residents and wildlife.

  • Noise, traffic and supporting infrastructure from the ziplines and the bridge will destroy the tranquility of walking and cycling trails, picnic areas, and the Botanic Gardens. At least eight public trails on the mountain will be affected by loss of amenity.

  • Reduced parking at The Summit Lookout.

  • Cyclists’ safety will be compromised by increased traffic and parking on roads.

  • Noise will affect the vulnerable Powerful Owls which are likely to leave the mountain and will also disturb other threatened wildlife.

  • Development will damage an important Aboriginal and European Cultural Heritage site.

  • Animals such as koalas are likely to die as they are forced to leave Mt Coot-tha Forest, an essential wildlife corridor for our city.

  • A Flawed Process

  • The BCC wants to put a commercial venture on land that is held in Trust for the people of Brisbane to be used as a ‘public park and for no other purpose whatsoever’.

  • The council is assessing its own development application! There has never been an application lodged by council that it has refused.

  •  The seven ziplines and bridge; inappropriate use of public parkland; inconsistent with the purpose of the land.

BCC is now claiming they have addressed all these issues and resolved them.

Write to Ministers

The Hon. Dr Anthony Lynham, Minister for Natural Resources, Mines and Energy (DNRME), who must be encouraged against changing the purpose or the boundaries of any part of the Mt Coot-tha Trust Lands and giving permission for BCC to issue a Trustee Lease for a private enterprise on Mt Coot-tha. Ask how the department will assess community consultation by BCC and the level of community support for the proposal.

DNRME also needs to approve removal of vegetation. Mt Coot-tha forests are Category B (Remnant Vegetation) and Essential Wildlife Habitat under the Vegetation Management Act.

The Hon. Jackie Trad,  Qld Treasurer and Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander Partnerships. Mt Coot-tha is an Aboriginal Heritage Site. Parts of this important cultural site for traditional owners would be degraded.

The Hon. Leeanne Enoch, Minister for Environment and Science. Mt Coot-tha is on the Qld State Heritage Register, habitat for Threatened wildlife and a Regional Biodiversity Corridor.

The Hon. Kate Jones, Minister for Innovation and Tourism Industry Development. Ecotourism is ok if done correctly and in the right place. Ecotourism is intended to observe nature closely and support conservation efforts. Six parallel zipline cables advertised as a 'tarzan experience'; a single zipline close to a nesting habitat plus a suspension bridge requiring extensive infrastructure are not ecotourism but theme park thrill rides with unnecessary destruction of your iconic backdrop to Brisbane. The development will permanently destroy the ecological values of Mt Coot-tha rather than protecting the area and conserving it for current and future generations.

The Hon. Melissa Price, Federal Minister for the Environment requesting that the koala referral closely examine the negative impacts of the proposed ziplines development on Mt Coot-tha Forest Reserve, which is listed as 'habitat critical to the survival of the koala.'

Please email or send a letter and/or call the relevant Minister (principally Lynham) telling them that you are concerned about the impacts of the proposed development on this Heritage Listed Trust Land.

The Queensland Heritage Council is required to act independently, impartially and in the public interest to identify and protect places that have special heritage value to the community and future generations.  Voice your concerns regarding privatisation of Mt Coot-tha Forest, listed on the Qld Heritage Register. Information detail in the comprehensive report on the Resources page.





BCC has tried to convince us it is a done deal, but…

BCC did not tell us their proposal requires Qld Gov’t approval. BCC must submit a draft Land Management Plan for all the Mt Coot-tha Trust Lands (separate to a Development Application).

The draft Plan has to demonstrate a community benefit of the proposed use, which must be shown to have clear community support, with evidence of extensive community consultation.

Please contact Qld Gov’t Ministers, The Lord Mayor and Brisbane City Councillors with your concerns about what is proposed by BCC for

Mt Coot-tha. 

When you receive a response please forward a copy to the Dept of Natural Resources, Mines & Energy via


Hon. Dr Anthony Lynham

Minister for Natural Resources, Mines and Energy

PO Box 15216 CITY EAST QLD 4002

Phone (07) 3719 7360

Mt Coot-tha is at risk

Mr Michael Berkman

Member for Maiwar


Dr Christian Rowan

Member for Moggill

Contact details for Councillors via this link

Hon Leeanne Enoch

Minister for Environment and Science

GPO Box 5078 BRISBANE QLD 4001

Phone (07) 3719 7140

Qld Heritage Council


Hon Jaclyn (Jacki) Trad

Deputy Premier, Treasurer and Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships

GPO Box 611

Phone: (07) 3719 7100

Hon Kate Jones

PO Box 15168 City East Q4002.

Phone (07) 37197530

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Mt Coot-tha early morning cyclist's view. Photo: Cary McPaul 27.7.18

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