Maiwar Snap Rally King George Square
Tuesday February 5   
8 am - 9 am outside city hall.

Thank you to the hundreds of people who made it to the city this morning at such short notice. What a wonderful display of a community effort. Those who were unable to attend but sent us messages, we thank you for the support as well. The volunteers from the Botanic Gardens and the cyclists demonstrated their support by turning up.

This event was organized by MP Michael Berkman, Maiwar and co-hosted by MCPA Inc, with Jonathan Sri (Greens), Cr. Steve Griffiths (ALP) and  Cr. Nicole Johnson (Ind) invited to speak along with community members.

People are angry, even though the council’s decision to approve their development application (DA) was an expected outcome. According to Cr. Nicole Johnson the decision came in record time considering there were over 3,000 submissions to consider. We also had a team of committee members and volunteers who analysed the DA submissions and we know there were some very impressive objections submitted to council by professionals from across the Brisbane community.

Therefore, don’t be discouraged by the Lord Mayor’s statements that construction will begin within months. As yet there is no Federal government decision on the threatened & vulnerable species of Mt Coot-tha Forest. Additionally, there is no state government approval for the commercial development on the Trust Lands, held for the people of Brisbane as a public park.

Natural Resources Minister Dr. Anthony Lynham  requested additional information from Brisbane City Council on how the land would be managed in relation to the proposed development; whether there was a community need and if the community supported this proposal. Keep the pressure on Dr Lynham, he will make the decision as to whether to allow the 21 commercial leases for 20 years on public trust land.

The Lord Mayor keeps on saying the zipline(s) development is going ahead but he is wrong, he has to wait for the federal and state government decisions. He also has to wait for any outcome from the Appeals process in the Planning and Environment Court.

This is not eco-tourism and does not fit the purpose of the mountain & the Botanic Gardens. Also, despite what the Lord Mayor says this is not ‘a zipline’ but seven ziplines and a suspension bridge covering a total area almost the size of Roma Street Parklands (16 hectares).

We can assure the Lord Mayor this is not over yet.

A founding member of MCPA Dr Peter Hale

Founding member Bron Raftery

Founding member of MCPA, Diana Glynn & Cr. Jonathan Sri

Greens MP Michael Berkman hosted the rally                             Cr. Jonathan Sri was the MC & speaker                                  Cr. Nicole Johnson (Ind) speaker

BCC Community consultation on the draft land management plan

BCC 'Consultation' events on the Draft Land Management Plan (LMP) were held in the Queen St Mall Nov 28, 2 -4 pm; JC Slaughter Falls Dec 4 , 8 -10am; South Bank Dec 8, 12 - 2pm and Queen St Mall Dec 12, 12 - 2 pm.

The community were extremely disappointed with all of these sessions as questions were not adequately answered & people were generally instructed to read the LMP document. Also the sessions were during the school holidays, in the busy time leading up to Christmas and during the 15 day Development Application Notification period for lodging submissions.

BCC Public Information

Brisbane City Council Drop-in Information Sessions on the proposed private Ziplines Development. Exit poll of participants found 96% were opposed to the proposed ziplines development. Sessions were booked out 6 days prior to the event despite being adveritised in school holidays with only 9 working days warning of the event.  BCC representatives were not able to answer the majority of questions and lists of questions were left by participants for followup email responses by BCC.

Wednesday, October 10 at Wests Rugby Club, Memorial Park, 65 Sylvan Rd, Toowong from 5 to 7 pm. Book online for 15 minute individual or group sessions.

Image: BCC online

Enjoy the natural bushland without the noise of theme park rides 

The Summit Track Mt Coot-tha

Photos: Mike Robertson

Community Protest:

Stop the Zipline

Sunday 23 Sept at J C Slaughter Falls nearly 200 residents gathered to protest the private zipline development proposed for Mt Coot-tha & the Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens. A welcome to country by Aunty Deb Sandy got the crowd involved and was followed by speakers from the community plus local and federal government.

The community is angry about the lack of transparency by Brisbane City Council and the failure of State Government to act by not allowing any changes or leases on the Trust land. There were calls from the crowd of legal action now to stop this private development on land held in trust for the people of Brisbane, to be used as a park. Activists demonstrate the width of the newly named Scenic Zipline (Megazip 6 cables) 12.5 m with a 20 m wide corridor and clearing or pruning of vegetation for a width of 80 m extending beyond the boundaries of the lease, according to the Development Application.

This is not the first government attempting to build infrastructure on Mt Coot-tha and the previous attempts failed through public protest. We need your support to sign the petitions to State Govt and BCC; write to Hon. Anthony Lynham of Natural Resources, Mines & Energy, The Lord Mayor and your local councillor to inform them that the public do not want this infrastructure for tourists on Mt Coot-tha and in the Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens. There are already free activities in both these areas that attract tourists and locals, there is no need for theme park rides in a wilderness area and a Botanic Gardens.

Formal submission time has not yet been advertised for the Development Application we will advise you when this time has commenced. Please resubmit your objection if you have submitted already.

Powerful Owl Community Art Day

At JC Slaughter Falls on Sunday, September 16, 2018 featured music, art, meditation and a guided walk through Mt Coot-tha Forest from the Slaughter Falls picnic area. Celebrating the mountain by getting back to nature and reflecting on the many animals that inhabit the area such as Goshawks, wrens, gliders, micro-bats and powerful owls, some 370 species of wildlife and 450 native plants species.  

Hosted by Michael Berkman, Greens MP for Maiwar

3 September 6 - 8 pm at the Auditorium, Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens nearly 200 people attended the event.

Brisbane City Council is planning a three part mega zipline project at Mount Coot-tha, with construction to commence in late 2018. The project would be a for-profit venture operated by a private company, and will require significant infrastructure, land clearing and development at Mt Coot-tha. 


Zipline Australia directors, Cr Nicole Johnston, Cr Steve Griffiths, Cr Sri, Cr Peter Matic and Cr David McLachlan attended the event, Cr Kate Richards and Cr. Julian Simmonds although invited did not attend the community function. Speakers included First Nations peoples, Aunty Deb who suggested the loss of animal habitat could lead to having to only seeing these animals in a zoo in the future. Additionally, she stated that the traditional owners of Mt Coot-tha had not been consulted regarding this proposed development. Cr Sri spoke and described how council functions, including the issues with the current system. Cr Nicole Johnson similarly described the dysfunction of the council system. Cr Griffiths called for Brisbane City Council to have an independant assessor the the Development Application which BCC is writing and submitting to itself (different department in council) to be assessed. Kate from Environmental Defenders Office Qld spoke about the legal processes involved and the assistance the EDO can provide to residents free of charge. Two representatives from the community  group Mt Coot-tha Protection Alliance Inc spoke about the major issues with the proposal and the planning processed to reference when submission time arrives.

A heated Question & Answer session after the speakers quickly demonstrated that both Cr McLachlan and the directors of Zipline Australia had difficulty answering the community's questions. Cr McLachlan didn't have the answer to how long the community would have to write submissions against the Development Application. Somewhat underprepared it seemed, the subsequent questions were not adequately addressed either. 

Michael Berkman facilitated community discussion and asked whether the proposed zipline is something the people of Brisbane actually want. He found that it has become clear that the community's response to the project as planned, is overwhelmingly negative. There are questions about whether this precious public green space should be used for private profit, with estimates that the zipline would cost approximately $100 per ride. The plan could change the character and serenity of the mountain. It would require significant tree clearing and loss of biodiversity, and create noise and light pollution. 

Council’s claims that the project will have a “minimal impact on the environment” and “respect and celebrate the ecological and cultural values of Mount Coot-tha” don’t stand up. The Greens support genuine ecotourism, but it appears even from the limited information made available by Council that this project has serious flaws which cannot be greenwashed or overlooked.

It’s important to know that the whole project is being proposed on State government land that is held on trust by the Brisbane City Council for the enjoyment and recreation of the people of Brisbane. This is called Deed Of Grant In Trust or “DOGIT” land. 

The State government has announced that Council will be required to prepare a land management plan for the proposal. This requires the Council to complete “comprehensive community consultation”. This is a massive win for locals fighting against the proposal, and provides the community with the opportunity to finally have a meaningful say on the project.



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